Diwali 2020

By On Kalaniketan- Diwali 2020

The festival of lights has arrived once again to fill our life with a hope of light which has become a must for everyone after the pandemic worldwide lockdown. This Diwali in 2020 will bring loads of happiness and enthusiasm all around the world and bring families and friends closer for a great celebration.

Diwali 2020 Dates

Diwali Day 1Thursday
November 12
Govatsa Dwadashi/
Vasu Baras
Diwali Day 2Friday
November 13
/Yama Deepam/Kali
Chaudas/Hanuman Puja
Diwali Day 3Saturday
November 14
Narak Chaturdashi/
Lakshmi Puja/Diwali/
Kedar Gauri Vrat/Chopda
Puja/Sharda Puja/Kali Puja
Diwali Day 4Sunday
November 15
Diwali Snan/Diwali
Pratipada/Dyuta Krida
Diwali Day 5Monday
November 16
Bhaiya Dooj/Bhau Beej/
Yama Dwitiya

Diwali 2020 fashion

This Diwali 2020 make a style statement on occasion of poojas and get togethers with fashion outfits specially made keeping your needs in mind. Whether pooja or home celebration, outing with friends or dinner with family, we have got you covered with different options.

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Covid-19 safety measures to be followed during Diwali 2020

1.Practice sanitization hygiene and temperature check at entries

2.Keep your masks on

3.Maintain social distancing

4.Stay home if you have any doubt regarding your health

5.Avoid fireworks & crackers as much as possible, this will help maintain purity of air in the city helping our covid-19 infected brothers and sisters to breathe easily