Saree – A Symbol of Substance in Indian Tradition

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Saree is a traditional garment worn by women in India and is probably one of the oldest attire for women in India. Traces of sarees have been found from the Indus Valley Civilization which flourished between 2800 BC to 1800BC in the western part of the Indian subcontinent. A saree is an unstitched long length fabric, usually six to nine yards long which is draped around the body of a female that give a lavish look to the body of a woman.


In ancient times, a saree had major importance and symbolism attached in the form of different colors or designs.  The diverse patterns and colors of the saree represented beliefs, merits, and the region the person came from.  These sarees had several designs and symbols used on it. The colors used in sarees also had some precise meaning behind them.  For example, red color was used as a symbol of courage. White color was symbol of purity so the priests and their followers used to wear white color. Similarly, every color represented a specific and unique meaning according to caste, cultures and beliefs.

Since its inception, the saree has undergone several major changes in terms of designs, patterns and colors over the years but has not lost its grace and charm till now. In terms of fashion, designer sarees have taken an important spot in women’s wardrobe.  There are various ways of draping and wearing a saree which depends mainly according to caste, religion and the body structure.

The Saree, after having survived thousands of years of modifications, invasions, migration, and globalization has now emerged as highly appreciated, glamorous and sensuous outfit which is festooned by beautiful women all over the world. Saree is truly the most versatile garment worn. A saree can be worn in hundreds of styles and drapes; it can be paired along with different kinds of blouse and also can be accessorized with numbers of accessories in various ways. A saree is appropriate for almost every occasion or an event, whether it’s for daily use, office wear, birthday party, festive occasion, wedding or a romantic dinner.


Sarees has been ruling the Indian women’s wardrobe since centuries and is all set to conquer the world with its elegance, charm and versatility. Nowadays, saree comes in different varieties of materials like georgette, crepe, net, chiffon, silk, cotton, etc.  That is available in different colors and color combination and further embellished with heavy and attractive embroidery work which gratifies the look of the attire.

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