Types of Sarees in 2020 Every Indian Woman Must Have in Her Wardrobe

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India is a country which is known for its various cultural and traditional manners followed since ages. By cultural & Traditional manners we mean to say is, India has a total of 1721 languages and variety of religions followed religiously since centuries. Traditions and cultures have always been the benchmark of India, Be it any wedding ritual, festival celebration, clothing, cuisines etc. One such clothing tradition that we will be highlighting over her and which is a true benchmark of Indian clothing trends is types of Sarees in India.

Sari is a women’s garment that has a 4 to 8.5 meter long and 60 to 120 cm broad drape. This drape is wrapped around the waist and the other end around the shoulders. There are various styles of sarees wore in India since long times ago. Sari is worn with a choli or a petticoat or a blouse. Saree is also known as the cultural icon of India.

That was all about Sarees in traditional cultures, now let’s talk about Saris in modern India. Though modernization has not much affected this tradition but has surely giving a modern taste to its emergence. Today sarees are wore by a large number of women throughout regardless of any function or occasion. Parties, Weddings, Festivals, Outings, Dinners etc. sarees are a part of all theme.

Now one question that comes up to all saree loving Indian women is, what type of saree I should be wearing for a specific function? We will help you categories your saree wardrobe with a list of type of Sarees every Indian woman must have in her wardrobe:

1. Designer Sarees : Designer sarees are usually sarees with embroidery, heavy sequence work, hand work, patches, borders, graceful and unique prints. Designer saree may not be always costly but sometimes plain silk saree are costlier than a designer saree because of the heavy material used. Designer saree is a perfect fit for wedding seasons, where you would want to look the best. A wardrobe is incomplete without some designer sarees which can always save you from an emergency wedding reception.

2. Party Wear Sarees : Many of us are confused about what type of saree to wear in a family gathering or to a sangeet party. Party wear sarees are lively and rich saris which compliments the party atmosphere and theme. It is essential to have this collection which lights up your confidence giving an Indian flavour to your appearance.

3. Designer Silk Sarees : Silk Sarees are usually costlier than Designer sarees because of the heavy material used in them. But we give an extra touch to silk sarees by crafting it with handworks and embroideries. This can be the heaviest saree in your wardrobe collection to glam up your best look. Suits best for family wedding functions and festivals.

4. Casual Sarees : Worried about what to wear at the family dinner or a date coming up tonight? Or at your friend’s pooja. A Casual saree can save your struggle majority of the times. A Casual Saree is also a type which you can wear on a daily basis. It provides a lot of comfort at home not doesn’t becomes a hindrance for your household activity. A several collections of Casual sarees is a must for every Indian woman.

5. Plain Sarees : A simple yet beautiful saree with solid colors or combination of solid colors is typically called a plain saree. It is not necessary that a plain saree cannot be wore at functions or during festivals or during wedding seasons. A Plain saree sometimes reflects as the prettiest outfit in the hall. Plain sari is combined with a textured or printed blouse which is a great merger when it comes to styling a plain saree. Another best thing about plain saree is, it is suitable for women of all age group. There is no limitation to once age or fashion statement when it comes to wearing a plain sari.

6. Celebrity Inspired Sarees : Always wanted that exact same saree which your dream Celebrity once wore? This problem ends here. We have almost all the collections of your favourite celebrity saree which you’ve been drooling since a long time. Your search for the perfect celebrity saree ends here.

Grab our variety of sarees collection to complete your wardrobe and choose from various designs to cater all your saree fashion needs.